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Seriosly people, bakit ang dami kong nababasa na parang "kung hindi lumabas yung video, ipagpapatuloy ni DJ yung mga ginagawa niya". SERIOUSLY? You’re an avid fan right? Therefore, ikaw mismo sa sarili mo, you know that the voice in that video isn’t Daniel Padilla. You wouldn’t doubt him. The…

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Anonymous asked: Okay so I read this Pro NS tag from some cross tagger and get this, they said that when Naruto told his dad that he didn't find someone like his mother, it meant that it was 100% anti -NH and pro NS. So please explain how this is actually false!


It is 100% false! And I will explain you why. So as we all know minato compared sakura(rather her temper) with kushinas right?


Not a big surprise if you ask me..everyone already knew that they have that in common. So In minatos head "Sakura=Kushina" but the thing is minato also compared naruto with kushina



So in minatos head "Sakura=Kushina" but "Naruto=Kushina" as well what means that Narusaku can’t use the Minakushi parellel anymore. Kushina herself said that naruto is more like her than like minato. Tsunade said the same thing. Naruto has some characteristics of his father, I’m not saying that he is 100% like his mother cause he looks more like mianto but his personalitly is 95% like kushinas. So narusaku is =Kushikushi but the problem now is that kishimoto loves the idea of ying and yang.




(there are way more panels of him using ying and yang but I’m too lazy too search them all hehe)

Let’s take a look at the canon pairings in naruto.

MinatoxKushina = Opposites

AsumaxKurenai= opposites

ObitoxRin= opposites



There is not ONE, I repeat not ONE canon pairing in naruto that is anything like narusaku. The only real parallel ns has or could use is JiraiyaxTsunade but we all know that tsunade didn’t love jiraiya like dan(in her dream she is together with dan not with jiraiya) and we also know how their story ends. But its not just pairings, kishimoto uses ying and yang for almost every strong bond between two characters Naruto/sasuke Hashirama/Madara Ashura/indra Sarutobi/danzo Hagoromo/hamura Jiraiya/Orochimaru and Senju/uchiha.

But now to your actual question. First of all, people have to understand the difference between the Girlfriend/kushina parallel moment and narutos goodbye to his father. The GF moment was a joke, it was a funny meant moment and that was confirmed by naruto himself just a chapter right after he made that joke


It’s just like jiraiya said


Whenever naruto talks about dating sakura or her being his girlfriend it turns out to be a joke. it’s a typical Naruto part 1 thing but it’s not meant to be taken seriously. Naruto himself uses his “old feelings” (don’t know what I should call it haha) for jokes. But now if you try to take this joke and shove it  into a serious moment that will happen:


So Naruto’s Gf comment=funny moment. But the moment he had with his father was completely different. It was really sad and not meant to be funny. It was a heartbreaking moment and Naruto was telling him everything he did to fulfill his mothers wishes/last words. So if he really liked sakura now wouldn’t he at least metion her in that moment? It was a serious moment and the last time he will see his dad so of course he wouldn’t try to make his goodbye into a joke. And his comment was more pro NH..because as we know hinata has not the same personality as kushina but that is totally fine cause naruto=Kushina NarutoxHinata=Ying&Yang

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“When Naruto found out about this truth, he became more aware of his life’s purpose. He realized who he truly needs to become and what he needs to do to fulfill his dream along with his parents’ hope.”

Masashi Kishimoto; 岸本斉史

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